A Road Well Travelled
I was born in Oslo. My upbringing was a mixture of experiences from different countries, from the Norwegian fjords to crossing Afghanistan on a donkey, motorcycling across the Himalayas and skiing down the Salang Pass in Afghanistan (probably the first person ever to do so), to name but a few. I studied architecture in Geneva for a period, but soon ended up in the UK studying graphic design and photography simultaneously. I took a keen interest in photography from an early age. My father bought me my first SLR when I was only 11, a Praktica which followed me everywhere during my travels in Afghanistan, until my horse rolled over it and instantly transferred it into a compact.
Somebody once said to me that I would never succeed in running a design company in highly competitive London - that was a challenge I couldn’t ignore. I started my own design company soon afterwards which I successfully ran for 18 years where my photography skills went hand in hand with graphics, working with international clients from Europe, the Middle East and beyond. This was followed by another 18 or so years running a Design & Marketing company in Southern Norway. The challenge of giving industrial assignments, ships, pipes and machinery an aesthetical value is very satisfying and this is where my graphics skills give me a great advantage, forms and angles come into their own.
I have several awards under my belt in commercial photography and these days I get my kicks from hanging out of helicopters taking photographs of fast moving yachts.
I would be delighted to hear from you if you are Interested in booking my services to elevate your company and its products.
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